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      This blog is about my licensed products, my art, what inspires me, projects and ideas, art and craft techniques and a little personal stuff thrown in here and there.


    Twitter Updates

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      Those new backgrounds would make sweet designs for myspace or yours are you ever going to use them?

      Tried to request an add but I get the same thing as Dawn. For some reason myspace always does this to me with the enter last name or E-mail addy thing not sure why. You still can mark them to be approved even with out that.
      AHH well I tried guess I will have to keep lurking on your blog.
      Also luv your backgrounds I always use them for myspace. Thank you so much.

      SO glad I found your blog & myspace!!!
      I LOVE all your work!
      Thank you for all the inspiration!
      Best Wishes ~

      I would but it won't let me. Says that you only accept Adds from people you know...then goes on to tell me that my name and e-mail address are incorrect :0(

      I definitely would, but you need to tell the higher ups here at CI to take the block off of that site so we can enjoy the scrapbook blogging community of myspace!
      it was worth a shot!

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      Class Supply Lists

      • WICKEd Altered Book Class-Supply list
        Vintage book 5"x9"
        craft knife and extra blades
        1" old nylon brush for applying glue/modge podge
        1' nylon brush
        assorted brushed for detail work wax paper paper towels cosmetic sponges (triangle) Elmers glue Modge Podge -MATTE ONLY black ink pad (water proof or hybrid) low temp heat tool/gun 2nd book for weight purposes cream acrylic paint black acrylic paint

      I'd LOVE to COME to YOUR Store

      • Contact Me at WE can create an EVENT to inspire and MOTIVATE

      Twilight Inspired

      • IMG_3767
        Photos from my Twilight Kit and Twilight inspired classes...This a g great reference for those of you who have purchased my kit and area ready to see what everyones take is on the different projects.

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